Recently, I opened NYC-based Craft | Engineering Studio to more effectively address the desire among architects for an engineering consultant that is progressive and forward thinking but operates on a scale that engenders creativity and collaboration between disciplines. Craft is a boutique engineering consultancy that is set up as a studio to foster innovation and exploration within the field of structural engineering in order to more effectively impact and excite the field of architecture.

This pursuit builds on 15 years of experience in structural engineering consulting. Most recently, as the Group Leader and Founder of the Special Projects group within the New York office of Buro Happold Consulting Engineers. In this role, I led many significant projects including the World Trade Center Visitor Orientation Education Center main Atrium and Tridents, the Phoenix Civic Space Sculpture “Her Secret is Patience“, the New Amsterdam Pavilion, the West Thames Street Bridge and the Israel Antiquities Authority’s Tensile Canopies.

My passion is the pursuit of architecture and design through the medium of structural engineering. I hold degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Civil (Structural) Engineering and Architecture which allows me a unique vantage point to study their intersection. The focus of my work is the progression of digital methods for the analysis, design and fabrication of structures and components of structures.


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